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Honeymoon Packages

After all that time spent planning and entertaining at your wedding, you and your new spouse deserve to spend your first few married weeks simply enjoying each other. Spend this precious time together in beautiful scenery and luxury with a specially crafted honeymoon. Stretch out on the sands of Fiji or bike along the rivers of Venice, staying in accommodations that suit your needs as a couple. Your honeymoon can be quaint, lively, all-inclusive, adventurous, and everything or anything in between. Plus, enjoy special surprises planned along the way for an extra flair for the romantic. Prolong sleepy mornings together with breakfast in bed, enjoy a couples lunch along the shining coast, and toast champagne in the moonlight. Your new life together as a team awaits, now all that’s left is to start it off strong! 

Bali beds on a white sand beach

Your honeymoon could include: 

  • Transportation from/to the airport

  • Celebratory welcome 

  • Your daily stay at your hotel or resort

  • 24/7 room service at most resorts

  • Unlimited meals and beverages 

  • Hotel services (tips not included)

  • Onsite activities and entertainment

  • Offsite private excursions

  • Spa sessions

  • Private cabana and champagne

  • Private dinner for two

Browse Mt. Airy Travel's favorite honeymoon vacation options below...

Looking for your perfect honeymoon experience?

I would be honored to help you plan your honeymoon! When you are ready to start planning, just click the button below to schedule a quick

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