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River Cruise Packages

Coast along in luxury on one of our premier recommendations for river cruising. Set sail through the pristine waters of the Danube, the Thames, the Seine, the Rhine, and many more European rivers. Enjoy consistently breath-taking views views along the way while you cut through valleys, fjords, and cities.  Between ports, you can enjoy fine dining featuring local cuisine and fresh ingredients made by your ship's luxury chef. Around every corner onboard is an intimate settings for entertainment and optional events for the opportunity to make lifelong friends. When you dock in port, explore local charms like shops and eateries, all while strolling, or even biking, to your next destination. With so many European cities to discover, lounge in style on your way to the next one.  River cruises are an incredible way to see several European countries all in one unforgettable sailing! It's a must-do for all seasoned travelers. 

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Most river cruises include: 

  • Transportation from/to the airport

  • Optional pre-/post-stay at a hotel

  • Your daily stay aboard your ship

  • Meals and beverages onboard

  • Onboard activities 

  • Included in-destination activities

  • Immersive information and experiences shaped around your itinerary

  • Upgradeable options including your suite and activities!

Browse Mt. Airy Travel's favorite river cruise vacations below...

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