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Ocean Cruise Packages

Where river cruises introduce you to countless cities to explore, ocean cruises take on the open seas in destinations like the Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska, South America, and in different parts of Europe. There are even worldwide ocean cruises! Your cruise will be outfitted with all the amenities you need to enjoy a vacation of luxury. Pools, bars, restaurants, stage shows, and even waterparks all converge on one ship to ensure you’ll never have a dull moment from one port to the next. Onshore excursions keep the good times rolling with adventures for land and water lovers alike. Cruises also have the added benefit of being planned as a travel package, so all the while you can enjoy the specialty dining and bubbles and spirits. Enjoy relaxation between the waves out on the open sea.  


Most ocean cruises include: 

  • Transportation from/to the airport

  • Optional pre-/post-stay at a hotel

  • Your daily stay aboard your ship

  • Meals and beverages onboard

  • Onboard activities 

  • In-destination stops 

  • Upgradeable options including your suite and activities!

Browse Mt. Airy Travel's favorite ocean cruise vacations below...

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