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Honeymoon Registries are Amazing for Couples

Whether you are having a destination wedding or planning your honeymoon, a honeymoon registry is so worth the extra effort! It's a way for your friends and family to just donate to your travel fund in lieu of purchasing a wedding gift! You can simply share the link in your invites after setting up your page. Click the button below to get started or you can learn more about how it works below! Let me know if you have any questions. 

Mt. Airy Travel's Preferred Honeymoon Registry: Honeyfund 

Mt Airy Travel uses Honeyfund.  Honeyfund's popular honeymoon registry is a simple way for wedding couples to register for what they really want — a fantastic honeymoon!

Honeyfund is totally free! There are no transaction fees for couples or gift givers and no setup fees. This is possible because gift givers are directed to send the money to YOU, by cash or check. We don't handle any gift money here at Honeyfund.

In addition to the free service:

1. Make your page stand out with Honeyfund Elite, the most powerful design tool on the wedding registry market. Elite includes your choice of design templates, cover photos, photo slideshow and registry items, password protection, no ads, and more. Just $39.99.

2. You may accept online payments from your gift givers via our integrated credit card solution powered by WePay (US and Canada only), or via your own PayPal account.

  • WePay fees: 2.8% + $0.30

  • PayPal fees: 2.8% + $0.30/transaction*. 

You can accept credit card payments with both free and upgraded Honeyfund accounts. Honeyfund couples who accept both offline and online payments pay average fees of just 1.8%! Guests never pay a fee.

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