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The Story of Mt.Airy Travel

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Once in a lifetime, you find a "job" that you love and it gets into your pores and becomes a part of your personality.  That's exactly what happened to Cindy Lee!  Cindy began her career in medical technology before moving on to direct sales, where she picked up valuable skills when it comes to running a business and understanding the needs of her clients. As she excelled in the direct sales industry, she was able to earn bonus trips to exotic locations like England, Jamaica, and the Caribbean.  

Her freshly-sparked love of travel then introduced her to the travel planning industry, where she has been happily building her business for over seven years. 

As you may be able to tell, dedication is a hallmark of Cindy’s personality, from her career, to her clients, to her personal life. As of April of 2022, Cindy and her husband have been married for 45 years and together they share their little dog Callie, two sons, a daughter, and now five grandkids! As a family, they believe in frequent family trips, so Cindy knows just how to plan the perfect family getaway for hers and yours. 

Now as a travel agent of her own agency, Cindy can add even more miles; and stamps to her passport. She loves the comradery of the circle she has found, but more than that she loves connecting with people and helping them visit the destinations of their dreams. The excitement of her clients after initial research and seeing their anticipation grow is her favorite part of the process. When planning with Cindy, travelers know they are receiving topnotch service from someone long a part of the planning industry. More than that, she goes the extra mile in knowing clients’ interests and making the process as transparent and exciting as possible! She is proud to call Mt. Airy the peak of travel planning! 

Cindy started co-hosting group trips in 2021 with some travel friends. Through these trips, you can travel with Mt. Airy and friends to the destination you have always wanted to visit, but with incredible group benefits and with the opportunity to travel alongside some new friends. You can look forward to being invited to the group travel opportunities if you subscribe to our website.


Please stay in touch! Whenever you are ready for your next trip, let's get connected to see how Cindy can make your trip incredible.

The travel industry has allowed Cindy to combine everything she loves from previous careers while traveling the most she ever has and connecting with people all the while. She is now proudly a CTA (Certified Travel Advisor), CLIA ACC (Cruise Line International Association Accredited Cruise Counselor), and is ASTA Verified (American Society of Travel Advisors). Now that she has found her true niche in travel, Cindy loves that she is able to continue to educate herself and strengthen her relationships with her clients and fellow agents. 

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