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What's the BEST resort for my Destination Wedding??

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Ok, let's be honest here. So how many Facebook Groups have you joined and how many times have you seen THAT question?

Have you ever gone to a restaurant that EVERYONE raved about and thought "what's the big deal?" Or a movie that had 4* ratings and you thought it was just "ok"...

While asking friends, family and even strangers for recommendations is a good idea, their response is likely based on either their own wedding or a vacation to a resort one time. And do you really want to base your wedding decision on someone else's vacation visit?? And even if you get the same answer multiple times, how do you know their expectations were the same as yours? Maybe they are used to staying at the Holiday Inn and you are used to staying at the Four Seasons - or vice versa!

Here's the scoop on how to really choose the right resort for YOU and your spouse-to-be...

What is your dream wedding? What's in your head as to how you want it to feel, what scenery do you envision? Not everyone thinks alike so your "vision" might be standing barefoot in the sand while another bride dreams of standing on a pier out over the water. Not every resort has a great beach (yeah, I know, they are in the Caribbean, but not all beaches are created equal) and not every resort has a beautiful pier that will hold a wedding. Fact!

How many people do you realistically think will be attending? Make a list of who you'd like to invite and then start checking off who you think will really make the effort to fly to your destination. There are a lot of resorts that can handle smaller size weddings, but if you are going to have 100, 150 or more, the list of capable resorts narrows considerably. Not all of them have the facilities to handle a group that large. Before you make a decision to actually have a destination wedding - contact all of the "important" people who MUST be there for you to have a fabulous day. Make sure they are all on board with your decision so that when you do choose a destination, you'll know that your closest family and friends will be there with you.

What do your family and friends like to do on vacation? What's the "group dynamic"?? Just because you are getting married and have invited them to come, remember that they are all paying their own way there and it's their vacation. So think about if you had a big party at home, what kinds of things would you be doing together? Hanging out and just enjoying each other (that can get old in about 3 days!), going to a club, attending a concert, playing games? Is a location with lots of excursions available important? How far will your guests be willing to travel? Does anyone have a disability (wheelchair) or have special dietary needs? Remember, most all inclusive resorts are in countries where the ADA doesn't apply so they don't all have elevators and ramps. Are they early to bed, early to rise people or are they midnight party people? You don't have to plan every details to keep them busy, but keeping their happiness in mind will go a long way to making things smoother for you!

What is the budget for your guests? In deciding this, think about a "per night" budget because not everyone will come for the entire week. Some will come for 3 nights, some will come for 5 or 6 nights. This budget is going to be one of the most important decisions in helping you choose the right resort. The final decision is ultimately yours, so choose carefully and find a resort that will make the majority of people happy - but remember, it's YOUR wedding, so you have to be the first person to consider.

What kind of PERKS does the resort offer if you bring a group? - some resorts offer way more freebies than others and if you are on a tight budget or you want a more extravagant wedding, not just the basic, choosing the right resort will make all the difference! You can have a beach wedding at pretty much any resort, but not all resorts "specialize" in weddings and they don't have the staff to help your dreams come true.

We specialize in Destination Weddings and Honeymoons. We know the resorts, we know the key people at the resorts and we can help you make the right decision for your wedding. Try us out with a FREE 45 minute consultation. Let us answer your questions - nothing is "off the table" so ask away!


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