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All the Details Done!

       We are your Destination Wedding Specialists!

 at Mt Airy Travel

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Cindy Lee
Certified Destination Wedding Specialist
Your destination wedding is the most important trip you will ever plan - why plan it alone??

We are not a cookie-cutter destination wedding planner - we specialize in customizing your experience and your special day!


Whether you need a little advice or lots of hand-holding, we've got your back!

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Planning a destination wedding can be very confusing! 



Where to start? Where should we go?  What resort should we choose? How much does it cost? How many people should we invite?  Will they all come? 


And those are just the first questions that pop into your mind - never mind once the planning actually starts!

With our Destination Wedding planning service...

  • We'll help you choose the perfect destination by asking you what your dreams are, what kind of things do the two of you like to do on vacation?  What do you envision for your perfect wedding?

  • We'll help you find the right resort that will fit your wants, needs and budget

  • We'll help you determine your budget, both for your wedding costs and your guest travel costs. 

  • We'll set up a FREE wedding website; and give you a FREE custom web address that your guests will find easy to remember! Have a wedding hashtag? That can be your web address!

Now Larimar - from Kelsey.jpg
  • We'll manage your guest's travel - they will be able to book and not keep asking you for help - you have enough to do without THAT stress!  We'll provide detailed information on how your guests can book their trip and answer all of their questions (no matter how many times Aunt Alice asks what there is to do besides go to the wedding).  Have guests on a budget?  We even have a payment plan! 

  • We'll be the one's following up with your guests (because you know that your brother Matt is a procrastinator and won't book til the last minute!)

  • We'll negotiate with our valued tour operator companies to insure the best pricing and seamless travel for you and your guests - and navigate the group contract for you.

  • We'll connect you with a specialized on-site wedding coordinator to assist you with putting ALL the Details together for your perfect wedding day

Let's talk and see if we are a good fit to plan your dream wedding!  Let's take away your stress and make your dream wedding come true!

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