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  • Cindy Lee

Thinking about an African Safari? Here are 7 tips to help you plan!

Imagine the sun setting over the vast African savannah as you witness a majestic herd of elephants pass by. Picture yourself observing the local giraffe population or encountering the regal lions in their natural habitat. Going on an African safari is a dream for many, but planning such a trip can be complex. This is where a trusted travel agent can be your invaluable ally. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of booking an African safari with us, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable adventure.

(all photos below are from either our clients or from other travel agent friends. Our group travels in October 2023 - we have space - you should join us!)

1. Research and Identify Your Safari Goals: Begin by clarifying your safari goals. Do you want a wildlife-focused experience, cultural immersion, or a blend of both? Research various African countries and national parks to determine which ones align with your interests. Consider factors such as the time of year, climate, wildlife species, and local customs. As your trusted travel agency, we can provide expert insights and help you select the perfect destination.

2. Seek Recommendations: Ask friends, family, or fellow travelers for recommendations if they have been on a safari. What did they like and what didn’t they enjoy? What kind of accommodations did they stay in? What parks did they visit? Our best advice? Call your travel agent who has firsthand knowledge of the destinations and properties we recommend.

3. Establish Clear Communication: Once you have decided on dates and what you want to see, reach out to your travel agent. You will find that we are responsive, willing to answer questions, and have the ability to understand your safari aspirations. Effective communication is crucial in building a rapport and ensuring your expectations are met. Be prepared to discuss your budget, travel dates, preferred activities, accommodation preferences, and any specific needs or concerns.

4. Customize Your Safari Itinerary: We put together groups to travel together and if you want to join one of our small groups, we’d love to have you along! So be sure to ask about our pre-planned group trips. But, if you choose to customize your safari, we will work closely with you to create a personalized safari itinerary. We can recommend suitable accommodations, transportation options, and activities based on your preferences and budget. Whether you opt for a luxury lodge, a tented camp, or a mobile safari, we will curate an itinerary that maximizes your wildlife encounters and immerses you in the African wilderness.

5. Safety and Responsible Tourism: Our agency is committed to your safety and we use responsible tourism practices. We will prioritize your well-being, provide necessary information about vaccinations, and offer guidance on health and safety measures. Our agency supports ethical wildlife encounters, promotes sustainable tourism, and respects local communities and their culture.

6. Review and Finalize the Itinerary: Once we have presented your safari itinerary, carefully review all the details, including accommodation, transportation, activities, and costs. Seek clarification on any uncertainties or changes you'd like to make. It's crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of what's included in the package and what additional expenses you may incur.

7. Confirm and Book: If you're satisfied with the proposed itinerary, it's time to confirm your booking. We will handle all the necessary arrangements, such as booking accommodations, securing permits, arranging transfers, and organizing guides. We will provide you with a detailed travel plan, including essential documents and contact information. You will be able to pay a deposit and make payments on the balance of the trip – provided that you book far enough in advance.

Booking an African safari with Mt Airy Travel simplifies the process, ensures personalized attention, and provides peace of mind. By conducting thorough research, seeking recommendations, and establishing clear communication, you will find an agent who understands your safari goals and tailors an itinerary to meet your expectations. Remember to prioritize safety and responsible tourism, and get ready for an extraordinary journey through the magnificent landscapes and diverse wildlife of Africa.

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